This mobile phone comes with a large 2.8 inches TFT LCD touch screen that displays 65k colors at 240 x 320 pixels resolution. Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate facility is included allowing the display to automatically switch between portrait and landscape mode depending on the application being used. The Sense user interface is also an exclusive included. Scenes quick profile switcher is special feature of the phone that allows you to change interface of the display. The HTC Tattoo comes with a casing that measures 10.6cm tall by 5.52cm wide by a slim 1.4cm deep and it weighs around 113 grams.

As expected as any other HTC mobile phone, this gadget is also loaded with several out of the box multimedia options like a 3.2 mega pixel camera that comes with auto focus facility as well as few other distinctive camera settings too. The integrated music player allows the users to play MP3, WMA, WAV & eAAC+ music files while the given video player will support MP4, H.263, H.264 and WMV9 video files. The phone also has got the Windows Media 9 application as well for uninterrupted media playback.

The Qualcomm Processor and Android operating system powered HTC Tattoo carries 3G HSDPA, HSUPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS and EDGE connectivity and data sharing techniques. For Internet browsing the company has given it HTML web browser. The GPS navigation system of the phone will be faultless as it supported by the A-GPS system as well as digital compass attribute.

Computer software is the phrase used to describe a set of instructions, or a program, that lets a computer know what it is supposed to do. Hardware refers to things like the computers themselves, monitors, printers, disk drives and other pieces that are hard, meaning solid and tangible. Programs are not tangible and are given the name software. There are several types of software but the three most common are application, programming and system.

Operating systems, device drivers and utilities are all examples of system software. An operating system is basically like the commander of the computer and organizes all the activities that take place. One of its many jobs is to act as an interface between the user and all the hardware. Also, it distributes system resources for the application software.

Printers, monitors, keyboards and mice are devices that require a device manager. Each device has its own driver that stores all the information that the computer needs to run the device properly and to its fullest capacity. For instance, a keyboard driver gives the computer all the necessary info to recognize and properly carry out the function of each keystroke.

As the name suggests, programming software helps programmers write computer programs. Source code, or a human readable program, is written in object code, or a computer language. The result is a program. Debuggers are used to test out programs and fix and errors. Additional programming tools include interpreters and text editors.

Companies use applications software everyday to aid with the needs of business. Spreadsheets, payroll, customer service, accounts receivable, inventory management and data base organization are all run with such software. A company may also invest in software that will teach employees to learn a second language to increase worker capability. Software is also used every day in hospitals to run some monitoring equipment. Researchers use it in their labs to test theories in modeling programs.

The software industry is expected to grow by over 50% by the year 2013. There are thousands of computer software companies all over the world and ten times as many programmers working to make the industry even bigger. Job seekers and investors realize how important this industry is and the pace at which it is expanding. It is little wonder that so many people are trying to get involved in this field in one way or another.

When choosing the best check printing software, the following criteria should be taken into account to maximize its benefits: automatic reporting, unrestricted linkage, encryption feature, security control, compatibility, service backup, speed, multiple output, and affordability. However, you must also evaluate its advantages to avoid unfavorable incidents in the future.

Automatic reporting

Check software is considered good if it allows automatic audit of account as well as make report. This will lessen the load as compared to pre-printing because there is no need to reconcile data, which can sometimes be redundant.

Unrestricted linkage

It should not be limited to few companies; instead it should be able to cater all kinds of business establishments as well. An ability to store various logos, signature specimens, and company details makes it a convenient way of carrying out the task.

Encryption feature

For security purpose, since any assigned staff can operate the machine, it should have an encryption feature to make every transaction secure. With this, it lessens the incidence of fraud when it comes to printing blank checks.

Security control

For enhance security, a printing software is considered best when it provides control over security. This will give added protection by constantly changing password at a particular period of time whenever it has expired.


Make sure that the check printing software is compatible with almost any type of printer, so that it would not cause inconvenience by purchasing another suitable machine.

Service backup

In case of failure, there should always be a service backup to keep the program running the soonest.


Since it is mostly driven by laser printer, it should aid in making your printing job faster. Unlike when having your checks printed in a printing press, you do not have to wait for several days before they can be delivered. You can already see the results at an instant.

Multiple outputs

Aside from speed, another criterion to consider is the multiple printing. It should allow simultaneous output to shorten working hours.


As compared to the traditional printing, with software printing you can be assured of affordable cost since all other related costs such as delivery charge, storage fee, labor, and the likes are eliminated.

Although technology is major contributing factor in making check printing easy, you need to carefully weigh the advantages over its disadvantages, which are as follows:


Convenient to use

One obvious advantage of using software for printing checks is that it offers great convenience. Production time will definitely be reduced because of the multiple and fast output.

Simple to operate

The software is easy to operate because it comes along with a self-explanatory instructional guide.

No maintenance

There is no need for maintenance since the company who installed the software will be responsible for it. In case a software-related concern arises, you may contact the company anytime for help.


Although it is usually offered at an average price, the cost of software is worth its effectiveness. It does not only lessen the burden, it also makes the staff in-charged productive because you will be able to serve several clients without delays due to availability of checks.

Disadvantages Risky

Despite the fact that is comes with security control measures, still there are genius computer hackers who can easily have access on the software. It has a tendency to be used in fraudulent activities through unauthorized production of checks with signatures.


Several complaints were reported that software contains virus intended to destroy the company's files. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the best software by transacting only with reputable companies. Although not all companies are involved in proliferating destructive software, but it is better to be cautious to avoid inconvenience.


You can't avoid the fact that machines also become busted. In case this happens, only the licensing company can have access when it comes to code activation.

Regardless of how cheques are produced, since these are equivalent to cold cash, printing should be properly regulated to prevent abuse and fraud.